A New Dimension
of Banking

We believe determinants of success are customer service, software design, effective and clear mass marketing communication, fast market penetration and expansion among others


Increased customer loyalty and spending are key targets we strive to deliver. The number of transactions performed on multiple services offered and time spent on the platform is meant to increase drastically.

This is possible thanks to a new dynamic and effective development structure that allows us to deliver to the market and to implement to your current banking system a composable cloud back-end core banking engine that is executed with the best financial products available in the banking industry today.

Everything gets digitalized, and, likely, future clients might not even consider a bank that does not provide digital channels, at least for the most common services that all online banks cover:

  • Check balances

  • Pay bills

  • Transfer money

Therefore the situation is favorable, and the task is to plan according to current and future needs by executing operations with the highest standard of quality and transparency.

This will result in successful operations and satisfied customers willing to pay more, increase funds, invest more, use more frequently the bank and getting more engaged in other services and investments.




CorFinancial Solutions

  • Wealth management

  • Asset management and security processes 

  • Fixed income accounting platform (USA only) PARAGON.

  • Investment administration platform (EU banks only)




  • Instant credit scoring calculation 

  • AI Automated systems

Partnerships with:

  • Transunion

  • Visa

  • Mastercard


HYS Enterprise

Core banking system is a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records.
Core banking systems typically include deposit, loan and credit processing capabilities, with interfaces to general ledger systems and reporting tools.



  • Core banking system (Infinity: omnichannel capability) 

  • ATM product

  • Terminal XAI: possible to target specific client categories

  • Recommender system based on customer loyalty.

  • Instant payments 

  • Loans originations 

  • Loans as software payments


Customer Pains

Most frequent reasons causing customer pains:

  • Bank dishonesty, unethical, illegal practices

  • Incidental charges applied

  • Not offering competitive rates or pricing

  • The personal account put at risk / compromised

  • Hit by overdraft charges

Minor concerns among customers:

  • Relatively high costs for new accounts opening

  • High operating fees (ATM withdrawals, overdraft fees, transfer of funds, others)

  • The long and convoluted application process to receive a loan

  • High-interest rates on loans

  • Difficulties in receiving an instant report of the current balance

  • Online mobile user interface that is not attractive

  • The bank does not reflect the fun, lifestyle, and experience that users are looking for.

  • Customers' service is not immediate and efficient

  • Does not consider the latest payment technologies and customers needs

Customer Gains

We offer the bank of the future where operations are designed around a new 5G experience combined with the convenience of timing and speed, personalization features, personal finance technology, new social connectivity, easy credit lines set up, mortgages, blockchain transactions, mortgage, creditworthiness, retirement and other calculators and much more!

Advanced AI systems will drive your customers into the purchase of new specific advertised packages.


Essential features for individuals

Real-time payments, payment processing combined with innovative cloud solutions. Currencies conversions. The account is specifically built on bills payment, home utilities, car expenses, maintenance and it has a strong focus on entertainment and other leisure expenses.

The convenience of timing and speed

Mobile payment solutions that are user friendly and allows to transfer funds and payments instantly (compare competitors speed of receiving funds). Switch the current bank account with our bank in the fastest and easiest way. Simplification of all operations, extreme user-friendly software and algorithm for target groups needs are factors of success.

screenshot corfin.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.41.35 PM.png

Easy credit lines

Fast, simple, automated, safe, and relaxed process of taking new credit lines with a digital signature. Millennials want to own their home, car, iPhones. Even on credit if necessary. Here comes the AI again. Advertise the latest tech to a specific group of young tech enthusiasts who want to make purchases on credit.

Easy Mortgages

Financial derivatives packages.Advertise homes massively for everybody and for the people that can afford less. Loans for real estate - enable purchase, cash recapture, cash-in refinance, and cash-out refinance, as well as rate and term refinancing.

finance-4 — копия.png

Venture capital section for companies and early entrepreneurs

Quality loans and credits for entrepreneurs that shows already
track record in the market: made it easy!
Apply by submitting track records, amount, and business plan!
Are you ready to apply also for collaterals?


These Developments
Will Allow to:

  • Predict if an applicant will be able to repay loans

  • Predict customer behavior and target specific groups with financial packages

  • Analyze huge amounts of data in seconds to identify unusual behavior

  • Bring better services to specific audiences and targeted groups of clients

  • Reduce risk and deliver better customer satisfaction

Competitive Landscape

The competition has a common denominator focused on: low entry fees, basic fund transfer, and payment services

Three megatrends are occurring in the global banking industry:

  1. The arrival of innovative fintech and big techs

  2. Banks’ need to change legacy systems and processes

  3. Market opportunity to service underserved markets (SME) 
    This is the largest backbone of the driving economy in our society that was underserved in the past decade in the banking industry

    and now is one of the top opportunities in the online business

artificial intelligence
big data
crypto - currency
blockchain tecnology

Contact us

Myself and my team are glad to introduce to you the fundraise of our new Digital retail bank in the Swiss market that offers global reach to its affluent customers while overcoming tremendous local Swiss market inefficiencies.

Currently we are looking to close our fundraise with foreign investors, including another foreign Ukrainian bank (confidential) committing to take a major position with its advanced IT user interface and mobile application.


The bank has a global vision planning future expansion into the DACH region through passporting, Europe and USA to be finally listed on IPO.

Our qualified team of international and local Swiss portfolio banking managers, hedge fund managers, ITs, Headhunter and Legal is glad to present the attached project to you after two years of hard work with the Swiss regulator, CVs upon request.

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